The Development Secretary joined the Sierra Leone Civil Service on the 27th January 1987 and posted to the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning (MoDEP) as Higher Executive Officer (Graduate). He rose through the rank and file in that Ministry and was promoted as Senior Assistant, Acting Senior Assistant Secretary and then Senior Assistant Secretary in 1995.  In 1996, he was appointed to Head the ECOWAS National Unit


As Head of the ECOWAS National Unit in Sierra Leone, he coordinated, liaised and monitored the implementation of ECOWAS Acts, Protocols, Decisions and Resolutions under the direct supervision of the Minister of Development and Economic Planning (who is the Minister in charge of ECOWAS matters in Sierra Leone and hence member of the Council of Ministers) and the Development Secretary (The Administrative Head of the Ministry). From February1996-April 2004, he directed the affairs of ECOWAS activities in Sierra Leone. Within this period, The Development Secretary was posted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on special assignment (1996) relating to sub regional organizations.

The Development Secretary was promoted as Acting Deputy Secretary and transferred to the Ministry of Finance in April 2004. In the Ministry of Finance, he was appointed to hold down the duties of Deputy Financial Secretary in charge of Economic Affairs Division for one and half years until a substantive officer was transferred. The EAD was responsible to interface between the   multi-lateral donor institutions and Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). Specifically, the responsibility of the EAD was to coordinate all multilateral financed projects/prograammes from identification to approval, effectiveness, disbursement, and monitoring and post completion report


 In 2007 when the new Government took over Government, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning were merged and renamed Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. EAD was renamed Multilateral Project Division. In 2008, he was promoted as Acting Deputy Financial Secretary and head of the Multilateral Project Divisions. In 2010 he was again promoted as substantive Deputy Financial Secretary (Permanent Secretary) in charge of the same Division.


In April 2018 when this Government took power, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development was again separated- Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and he was appointed as Development Secretary in June 2008.

The Development Secretary is a graduate of FBC where he graduated with a BA General Degree in Political Science, History and International Relations. He also did a Post Graduate Diploma in Education in the same college and later pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in International Relationship and Development at the Institute of Social Studies in the Hague, the Netherlands and a Masters Programme in Project Management at the Atlantic International University in Florida, USA.

He is married with three children


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