Dr. Robert Chakanda is the Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Development of Sierra Leone with many years of service at both the national and international levels. He started his career as a Plant Breeder, and advanced as a senior researcher at the Rice Research Station, Rokupr; now known as the Rokupr Agricultural Research Center. He advanced his career ability as a Seeds Specialist and Agronomist with wealth of experiences with Universities, NGOs and the United Nations in Europe, across Africa and Latin America.

Dr. Chakanda has a long standing relationship with the United Nations, having served as an international specialist for the organization for several years. He is the renowned scientist that produced the first Foundation Seed of Rice in Liberia working for FAO, after Sierra Leone’s civil war.

As Deputy Minister, he provides oversight over Statistics Sierra Leone (STATS-SL), Monitoring and Evaluation and a number of other oversight responsibilities with development partners. Within his mandate, the Deputy Minister provides a coordination role for UNFPA, and is directly involved with the review of the National Population Policy and promotion of the ICPD agendas. The Deputy Minister is also closely affiliated with the projects and programs of WFP.

DrChakanda is an academic product of the Sewafe Secondary School in Kono District, Eastern Sierra Leone. He holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biological Sciences with minor in Chemistry from the NjalaUniversirty in Sierra Leone, triple Master’s Degree in Botany, Crop Sciences and Geographical Information Sciences from the Wageningen University, Holland, and a (PhD) in Biosystematics Research Group, and the Centre for Genetic Resources (CGN), also from the Wageningen University, Holland (The Netherlands).

He is married with four (4) children


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