This office is headed by the Development Secretary, Peter Sam-Kpakra, who is responsible to coordinate and oversee the day to day administration and functioning of the Ministry in delivering its mandate. 

The Development Secretary is deputized by three Development Secretaries:

1. Umaru Conteh, Deputy Development Secretary I

2. Miatta Johnny, Deputy Development Secretary II 

3. Tamba Juana, Deputy Development Secretary III 


1. The Administrative Head of the Ministry advice the Minister/Deputy on matters relating to the civil service  and indeed internal policies when necessary for efficient work flow

2. Advise the Minister on Development Partners relations and participate in Regional and International Conferences

3. Supervise the implementation of UN and other Multi/Bilateral donor agencies projects

4. Participate at meetings of Board of Governors/Directors of Cooperation, parastatals and National Institutions quasi-Government Organization and other regional bodies

5. Participate at meetings of the Steering Committees of the Public Service Reforms and the Public Service Academy

6. Ensure proper presentation of Cabinet Memoranda for Cabinet meetings

7. Ensure that official mails and press release going out of the Ministry are in line with Government's approved  Policy

8. Supervise and Coordinate the activities of the various departments and agencies within the Ministry

9. Efficient Management of Resources

10. Provide support and guidance in the preparation of the MTEF Budget


The Accountant performs financial functions related to the collection, accuracy, recording, analysis and presentation of the Ministry’s financial operation. This office is headed by the Senior Accountant.


This office ensures the evaluation of suppliers, products, and services, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that approved purchases are cost-efficient and of high quality. The office ensures the preparation of Annual Procurement Plans to implement the procurement activities of the Ministry and ensuring that the terms and conditions of all contracts entered into with suppliers of goods and services and consultancy are consistent with the National Procurement rules and Regulations, including monitoring the contracts awarded to contractors of goods , services and consultancy to ensure that they deliver on time and in accordance with the specifications of the contracts awarded. The office is headed by the Senior Procurement Officer.


The Budget Unit is responsible for ensuring that the budget process is robust, and that the recurrent and development budgets are sustainable and based on sound revenue and expenditure forecasts. The Unit is responsible for preparing the revenue and expenditure forecasts used in preparing the Budget, and do so in consultation with the Ministry. This office is headed by the Senior Budget Officer.


The Human Resource Unit is responsible to identify and analyse the manpower requirements of the Ministry and preparing the manpower plan/budget and submit same to the Office of the HRMO for approval during the budget preparation process.

The HR works closely with the Ministry of Finance, HRMO and the PSC to fill the vacant positions to ensure that the Ministry is staffed with the adequate man power for efficient service delivery and provide training (internal and overseas) for officials in the Ministry to build their capacities for efficient service delivery. The Office is headed by the Senior Human Resource Officer.


The ICT Unit ensures that the Ministry manages (day-to-day) operation by the use of computerized information systems and that the Ministry is connected to SALCAB’s fibre ace-cable for Internet Services. The ICT ensures that the Ministry has an updated informative and interactive website and provides a systems security framework for e-Government within the Ministry and creates a Common ICT Infrastructure with reference to the e-Governance and Open Government Policy, which ensures that the Ministry is integrated into the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) based on the recommendation of MOF.  

The office develops a Human Resource Information System based on the recommendation of HRMO, develops an Intranet for the seamless transmission of data within the Ministry and establishes the use of electronic attendance register for the Ministry and implements the use of CCTV camera for security purpose.


This office provides an independent assurance of the Ministry’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively and improve the Ministry’s operation. The Office of Internal Auditor assists the Ministry in achieving its mandate by utilizing a systemic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.


The Information Officer is responsible to manage and develop information to make it easily accessible to the public. The office ensures that the Ministry provides the public with information and services they need—especially online data-bases content management systems, open access and digital resources and traditional media. 

The Information officer acts as a liaison between the Ministry, and the media to ensure that government policies, plans and programs remain top of mind.


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