In 2007, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development was merged with the Ministry of Finance. The rationale for the merger was to prevent overlap, duplicity, lack of coordination, and wastage in capital spending and current expenditure budgeting processes.

The decision was not unique to Sierra Leone. It was part of the wave across most countries in Africa, which began in 1999’s and early 2000’s to advance coherent and efficient governance. However, the expected gains were not realized and the Planning and Economic Development functions were relegated to a second-tier role below fiscal and financial management.  Consequently, in 2018, the newly elected Government separated the two ministries and we now have Ministry of Finance (MoF) and the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MoPED). The Ministry is housed in the National Authorizing Office at Tower Hill.


To provide strategic direction to the state and coordinate national development policy towards effective and sustainable socioeconomic transformation and development of Sierra Leone


To promote sustainable growth and development through planning, monitoring and resource mobilization for comprehensive and equitable national development


  • To effectively manage the procurement, human resource and ICT requirement for MOPED.
  • To improve National Development Policy/Plans and Implementation.
  • To improve Public Investment Management Processes.
  • To Strengthen Monitoring and Evaluation of Government programs and policies.
  • To improve regional integration and South-South Cooperation.


In fulfilling this Mission, the following core values should guide the decisions and actions of the Ministry and its Institutions:

  • TRANSPARENCY: Employing transparent mechanisms for promoting well-informed decisions and policy development processes.

  • RESPECT: Engendering an atmosphere of mutual respect among staff and members

  • EXCELLENCE: Relentlessly and diligently setting the highest standards possible in pursuing the Ministry’s Mission

  • PROFESSIONALISM: Exhibiting professionalism and commitment in a manner that reflects the positive image of the ministry

  • INTEGRITY: Executing our responsibilities with neutrality, objectivity, fairness, honor and obligation 
  • HONESTY: Working hard to maintain the highest professional standards and to earn the public trust and respect through our actions.

  • EFFICIENCY: Preserving and enhancing operational efficiency thereby gaining acceptability nationally and globally.

  • PARTICIPATION: Seeking and supporting broad, informed participation reflecting policy development and decision-making at all levels.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Carrying out our tasks as per our mandate in such a way that we accept responsibility for our actions

  • COMMITMENT: Carrying out and delivering the services to our Nation as promised to meet the set objectives or desired objectives, giving our time and energy in order to achieve our desired result


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 We promote sustainable growth and development through planning, monitoring and resource mobilization for comprehensive and equitable National Development.



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