The National NGO affairs Directorate is charged with the responsibility to regulate and coordinate the operations and activities of NGOs ensuring effective service delivery and alignment with national priorities.

The Departmentensures and carry out registration of NGOs operating in SL. More so gets NGOs to complete, sign Service Level Agreements with the relevant line ministries for projects/programs to be implemented and also to submit annual reports on implemented projects/programs. This enables government to know performing NGOs and the opportunity to determine non performing NGOs to weed out.

The department also develops and maintains a database of all registered and certified NGOs by sector/cluster and district/region. For coordination, the department organizes coordination meetings quarterly with NGOs, monthly with NGO desk officers of sector ministries including annual review workshop, quarterly meetings for inter agency and Sectorial standing committee to review activities of NGOs, discuss plans for future programs.In addition the department tracks, compiles donor funds for project implementation, monitors and assesses NGOs programs jointly with sector ministries quarterly; processes NGOs’ duty - waiver concession application for MoPED approval.

Above all ensures full participation of NGOs’ beneficiary communities and maintains good communication with sector ministries, donor partners, local councils in all program formulation and implementation.image


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