The National Monitoring and Evaluation Department is responsible with developing a comprehensive M&E Framework to monitor and evaluate all development projects including public sector and donor funded interventions. The Framework spells out the macro priorities for Sierra Leone in the NDP/PRSP, M&E Roles and Responsibilities at the national level, at the Sector/Ministry level, and District Council levels, and Reporting Requirements.

The department designs and implements a National Monitoring System that links NAMED/NAMEA to sectors, local councils and donors/NGOs on one hand and NaMED/NAMEA and the legislature and the Presidency on the other. We develop monitoring guidelines including monitoring manual for use by all MDAs and support the capacity building needs of MDAs and local councils to effectively undertake monitoring. This tracks and records progress of implementation of public sector and donor funded projects, as well as National Development (NDP /PRSP). 

The department assesses relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of the public sector and donor funded projects by conducting special studies on various aspects of public sector projects. NAMED establishes and maintains a repository of completed and on-going project information, which establishes a geo-spatial tracking system (GIS aided) to support monitoring at macro and micro levels.

NAMED also provides and coordinates periodic monitoring and project completion reports to assess progress of project implementation and use for management decision making.


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