The Department undertakes routine exercise of identifying priorities through sectoral research and needs assessment; reviews existing policies, plans, progress reports and other relevant documents and undertakes consultations with key stakeholders at different levels in the process. The Department initiates discussions on successor national development plans through preparation of concept notes based on progress reports on implementation of previous plans, programs and projects, and existing reports on development needs and household surveys. It prepares consultation methodologies on new plans and coordinate nationwide consultations, technical discussions and writing of the plan.  This department provides guidelines and technical support for the preparation of sectoral, regional, district and community development plans and closely works with non-state actors in linking their operational frameworks to the national development plan. The department Integrates key International Development Frameworks into the National Development Plan and produces periodic report on the implementation of the National Development Plan.

The Planning Department undertakes relevant poverty related research to inform development strategies and supporting MDAs in identifying sectoral policy research needs and collaborate with them to undertake sectoral research and analysis. 

We work with non-state actors and research institutions in carrying out relevant research aimed at informing national development policies and plans including organizing regular roundtables for discussion of development policy papers and produce periodic Development Policy Bulletin. We support the Department of Monitoring and Evaluation in undertaking evaluation of government policies, plans and programs working with all MoPED Departments on matters relating to research in their divisions. The department closely collaborates with the Research and Development Directorate in the Ministry of Finance in promoting evidence-based national economic management


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